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Here you find some forms which are usefull if you want to rent a particular flat. You could print them out, fill in and send to us (as a scan by e-mail or by fax).

  • Please notice, that these forms are currently in German only. I will make an English version as soon as possible.
  • If you have got no idea about what to fill in, please let us know.
  • You don't need to fill out a form if you just want a to take a look at some flat. Go to Contact and send us an e-mail / or phone us to ask for a date on location.

  • Application form for flats, as
    LaTeX, DVI, or PDF.

  • Application form for shops/offices, as
    LaTeX, DVI, or PDF.

  • Tenants with low income need a co-signer. Here is the necessary form:
    LaTeX, DVI, oder PDF.

  • Form for directly debiting the rent, as
    LaTeX, DVI, oder PDF.



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